Mitcorp held the 5th Global Distributor Conference and launched the new 3D Measurement Industrial videoscope- X3000!

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Bustling 2024 Control show Stuttgart was end during April 23 to April 26. Mitcorp’s fifth Global Distributors Conference, which was again held in Stuttgart on the day before the exhibition. This year’s conference gathered over 30 NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) professional equipment sales partners from 15 countries. During the conference, Mitcorp proudly unveiled the new high-end industrial videoscope, the X3000, featuring advanced 3D measurement capabilities!


The soon-to-be-launched X3000 high-end industrial videoscope is the result of years of dedicated research and development by Mitcorp. Utilizing a special structured light, algorithms, and image reconstruction mapping technology, it can quickly capture both standard 2D images and reconstruct 3D images of the object under inspection. This allows for precise dimensional measurement and analysis on the reconstructed images. In addition to its measurement functions, the X3000 boasts a patented design that includes a dual-view (front and side) lens projection module, unique in the industry. This feature enables users to switch perspectives in real-time within narrow spaces, capture defect images, and conduct measurements, thus eliminating the need to withdraw the probe and change lenses when detecting side-view defects, a common issue with other products on the market.

At the conference, Mitcorp also showcased a full series of new dual-lens probes and engaged with attendees in discussions about various new product developments and successful application cases. The exceptional image quality and meticulously crafted features of Mitcorp’s videoscopes not only impressed the distributors who experienced them in advance but also attracted numerous professionals from around the world to their booth during the four-day exhibition, garnering widespread admiration.

The full range of new dual-lens endoscopes, including pipeline endoscopes, will be launched and begin mass production in the second half of the year. For more detailed information about their features, please contact our sales team!

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