Electric bicycle frame tubing inspection by X750 3.9mm dual camera probe

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X750 performs perfect inspection tool of the vehicle industry

In today’s world, the trend of riding electric transportation is becoming increasingly popular, and electric bicycle brands are emerging like mushrooms after the rain. In the pursuit of a minimalist aesthetic, concealing components such as the electronic control and wiring inside the bicycle frame is the mainstream design.

In this case, the vehicle’s R&D engineers used Mitcorp’s X750+ 3.9mm dual-cameras inspection probe to delve into the interior of the various wiring, electronic connectors, and even the surroundings of individual drill holes. This was done to assess the reliability and condition of relevant components after different mileage usage, with the aim of gradually optimizing the design and achieving quality assurance goals.

The X750’s high brightness, HD high-resolution image quality, and the precise feel of its omnidirectional articulating joystick assist engineers in smoothly identifying various defects in a non-destructive state.

Main application notes as follow:


1.Burr Inspection for Pipe Material Processing:

If burrs are not thoroughly removed after the frame tubing is processed, it can lead to damage to internal wiring.


2. Internal Wiring Pinching Inspection in the Frame:

Handlebar rotation may lead to pinching or friction of internal wiring within the headtube, and inspection is carried out using a paint pen endoscope.


3. Internal Stretch Mark Inspection for Pipe Material:

Pipe materials subjected to stretching stress may develop cracks or material fatigue, which are difficult to detect beneath the surface paint. Inspection of the internal pipe wall is conducted using an endoscope.

4. Wire Harness Scratch Inspection.


5. Assembly Clearance Space Inspection.

6. Inspection of Connector Pin Deformation and Oxidation.

7. Inspection of Assembly Interference Marks.



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