Ensure steel pipe integrity with the Mitcorp X750 precision videoscope

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If you’re involved in the oil and gas industry or any field that requires the use of steel pipes, you know how important it is to ensure their integrity. The integrity of your pipes can mean the difference between smooth operation and costly downtime due to leaks and failures. That’s why regular visual inspections are crucial, and the Mitcorp X750 videoscope is the perfect tool for the job.

Non-destructive inspections made easy with the Mitcorp X750 videoscope

The Mitcorp X750 videoscope is a high-quality inspection camera that allows for efficient visual inspection of hard-to-reach areas. That includes pipe crossings and 90° angle turns with 3/8″ pipe diameters. Its advanced imaging capabilities provide high-resolution images and videos, enabling you to detect even minor defects, such as burn marks and chipping caused by polishing the pipes.

The Perfect Tool for Difficult Access Points in Steel Pipe Inspections

One of our clients, an oil and gas plant, was experiencing issues with their steel pipes, resulting in costly downtime. We recommended the Mitcorp X750 videoscope for regular inspections, and it proved to be an efficient and cost-effective solution. The X750 videoscope provided our client with a clear view of difficult-to-reach areas. And the inspection was completed in just an hour, significantly reducing the time and resources required for the task. That saved them time and money while ensuring their pipes were in top condition. 

The Mitcorp X750 videoscope’s ability to detect issues early on helped our client avoid costly downtime and ensured that their equipment operated smoothly.


In conclusion, the Mitcorp X750 videoscope is an invaluable tool for the oil and gas industry and any field that requires regular visual inspections of steel pipes. Its advanced imaging capabilities, ability to access difficult areas and efficient inspection time make it the perfect tool for ensuring the integrity of your pipes. Contact us today to learn more about how the Mitcorp X750 videoscope can benefit your business.

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