Mitcorp X2000 HD VIDEOSCOPE x ARRC HTTP-3A project

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Reaching Milestones

July 10th,2022, marked a big milestone in Taiwan’s aerospace technology development. The HTTP-3A rocket project successfully did its second phase test launch. The project was held by the “Advanced Rocket Research Center (ARRC)”, which is led by “Uncle Rocket” Dr. Jong-Shinn Wu. Wu is probably the most famous and distinguished professor of aerospace rocket technology in Taiwan. And Mitcorp carries the same proud spirit of “Made in Taiwan” and was glad to have a little contribution to the ARRCs challenging work behind the successful launch. Now let’s take a glance at this unique mission…

The propulsion system is the heart, of a rocket, and needs to be inspected in detail after every launch. The HTTP3A is equipped with 2 engine systems including the 1st stage-“Tsuâ-ing Engine” which fuels with N2O for the main propulsion and the 2nd stage-“Sam-á-tsiáu Engines” which burns H2O2 for auxiliary propulsion.

The engineering team used the Mitcorp-X2000 HD videoscope and its handy rigid sleeve to look deeply into the pressure tank to check the burning conditions and build up a detailed research database.


Mission Stage 2

At the launch site, it was time to execute mission stage 2: Verifying the navigation function. There, the ARRC team checked the “Avionic System” carefully before the formal launch.

To avoid any risks to the circuit boards and parts, the ARRC engineers performed sophisticated non-destructive examinations to check the physical conditions of the flight computer, attitude sensor, control units, etc.   Finally, mission S2 was successfully accomplished. But the story will be continued.


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