Mitcorp solutions for efficient septic tank inspections and maintenance

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Septic System for comfortable train journeys

When traveling by train, the onboard bathrooms are crucial for ensuring a pleasant journey. In the past, trains dumped waste directly on the train tracks, a process which is concerning for obvious reasons. The issue of dumping sewage onto the train tracks still arises with aging rolling stock. But newer and refurbished trains have waste storage or bio-septic tanks. Bio tanks and septic systems need to be inspected and pumped out regularly to ensure the system is functioning properly. The frequency of inspection and pumping depends on several factors, such as the size of the tank and water usage. For that Mitcorp offers solutions for efficient septic tank inspections.

Inspecting bio tanks and septic systems

However, inspecting septic systems can be challenging as they comprise several pipes and tanks. Mitcorp has comprehensive solutions for these kinds of inspections. Both the X2000 and the X750 have easily interchangeable insertion probes in different lengths, with different-sized camera heads and various focal lengths. That allows our customers to adjust perfectly to their specific needs.

A typical septic tank used on trains.

Despite all the variety, one thing all insertion probes for the X2000 or X750 have in common: They take images and videos in exceptional quality. Septic systems are typically subject to corrosion, coating loss, and welding failure. Typically it affects the seals of the joints and weldings inside the tanks and pipes. Detecting these issues is hard and requires clear, bright, and sharp images that are true to color. That’s why apart from taking high-quality images, both the X2000 and the X750 have advanced image functions, such as manual exposure and white balance, custom contrasts, image sharpness, and many more. ions

Weld inspection in a septic tank.

Every septic system has unique maintenance requirements as the circumstances of their usage vary widely and depend on many factors. Because of that, reporting and documentation are a must for the efficient maintenance of these systems. Users of the X2000 or the X750 benefit from an extensive annotation and image editing function that allows them to mark images with the tank number or to add comments about specific issues or findings.


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