Boiler inspections: Reducing the downtime of your systems

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For today’s article, we took our X1000 Plus videoscope to the test. An industrial boiler inspection, to be exact.

Industrial boilers are vessels that hold water and use a fuel source to produce heat. Then the heat (in the form of steam) is transported in tubes to power different industrial machines. Boilers can work at high efficiency, and because of that, an easy way for businesses to reduce operating expenses is to increase boiler efficiency.

Crucial to boiler efficiency is to perform regular maintenance. It is the first step in determining the boilers’ actual performance, potential flaws, and necessary maintenance schedule. In this case, we have used our X1000 Plus videoscope combined with a 7m-long insertion probe to inspect the welding quality and to search for corrosion.

Welding inspection with the Mitcorp X1000 Plus (real 640*480 resolution)

The environment within a boiler is challenging because there are many confined and hard-to-reach areas and shiny or oily surfaces. If corrosion set in the surface could also be rough, requiring the insertion probe to be able to withstand scratches. The X1000 Plus performed well as it can reach and light up the dark areas within the boiler, thanks to its bright LEDs and long insertion probes. For more images, check out the image gallery below.

If you are looking for a videoscope solution for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to consult you!


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