Want to increase your gas turbine lifetime? Learn here how the X2000 can help!

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A reliable power supply is a must in every processing plant. For this, gas turbines are among the most efficient solutions. But, gas turbines need careful maintenance to avoid costly downtimes and increase their lifetime.

Our success story will show you how the X2000 can help identify flaws and maintenance needs to increase the lifetime of your gas turbine.


                                        What was inspected?

In this case, the X2000 was used to inspect a GE Frame 6B gas turbine using natural gas in a combined-cycle power plant. The inspectors checked the rotor blades and rotating bucket rows.

This kind of inspection is among the most challenging tasks because every single blade needs a careful look. Without a videoscope, this would require a disassembly as the turbine blades are hidden deep inside the machine. That would take a long time and consequently be very expensive.  However, with a videoscope, these types of inspections usually only take 1-3 days, depending on the size of the turbine.

For this inspection, the engineers used an X2000 in combination with a 6mm diameter insertion probe with a length of 3m.



        Why should you use our X2000?


The X2000 comes with a mechanically wired insertion probe.

The instant feedback of the wires helps operators to move efficiently within the turbine. Another advantage of mechanical wiring is that there is no heavy motor needed for articulating the probe. That increases battery life and reduces weight.  The probes are also easily interchangeable, 



The X2000 has a convenient and powerful light adjustment system and bright LEDs.

As the inside of gas turbines is very dark and the surfaces are often shiny, the light adjustment system helps avoid glare spots and reflections to get a clear view of the turbine blades and rotating buckets. That includes a manual exposure by fingertip feature as well as a light boost function. Advanced image functions also allow you to adjust brightness, contrast and sharpness to your specific needs.


The X2000 stays true to color and offers high-resolution images and high contrasts.

Borescopes also often struggle to achieve a correct white balance. That is a big problem because, without it, inspectors cant identify coloring or corrosion.  For that reason, the X2000 has not only an automatic white balance but also offers a manual white balance feature that allows inspectors to adjust effectively. 


Want to increase the lifetime of your gas turbine?

If you are looking for a borescope for your next gas turbine inspection, all you need to do is:

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