The new 3.9mm dual view probe, how it benefits your next inspection!

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In today’s article, we want to talk about our new 3.9mm dual view insertion probe. It is one of our newest insertion probes and offers outstanding flexibility for your next inspection.

                                                  The 3.9mm dual view

As the name suggests, the 3.9mm dual view insertion probe has two cameras. One for the front view, and one for the side view, hence the name dual view. The probe also offers 4-way articulation, which means that the probe can circulate freely, and therefore offers an outstanding overview, especially in combination with the two cameras in the probe tip. It also removes the necessity for constantly switching probes or any sort of mirror adaptors.


                                                  Camera tip

The front view camera offers HD resolution image quality, a wide FOV of 120 degrees, and a flexible DOF of 5mm – 100mm. These features enable you to spot any sort of corrosion, cracks, or discoloration during your inspection.

The side-view camera is useful when bending the probe is impossible or when you want to have a detailed check on the sides. That is often the case in narrow tubes or passageways. By simply pressing the dual view button, you can switch between the front- and the side view.

The side view camera offers exactly the same benefits as the front view camera. HD image quality, a 120-degree FOV, and a DOF of 5mm to 100mm. Especially the DOF is very important for the side view camera as it allows you to get really close to an object without the image becoming blurry.

The side view camera also has two LED light sources. Why? Because this helps to distribute the light evenly and reduces glare spots while offering a bright and clear image. It is also handy when checking surfaces around an entry point. If the LEDs were placed on only one side of the side view camera, it might leave the inside of the entry point bright while the outside surfaces are dark.

The probe tip is kept short, which reduces the bending radius of the probe. Because of the wide bending angle and the FOV of 120 degrees, the 3.9mm dual view probe is flexible enough for 360-degree inspections.




The 3.9mm diameter allows navigating in narrow or curved tubes and passageways, for example, through a guiding tube for a PT6A turbine engine. This flexibility enables users to utilize the 3.9mm dual view probe for a large variety of different applications. From casting & engine parts to turbines and many more, the 3.9mm dual view is the right choice for the task.



If you want to test the 3.9mm dual view probe, then don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be more than happy to help. Alternatively, you can check out the video below where our specialists introduce the 2.8mm & 3.9mm dual view insertion probes in more detail.


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