Sponsorship News | Abhu Dahbi Desert Challenge 2022

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Stephan Schott & X-Raid

In our last post, we introduced Stephan Schott, one of the Top-20 Pilots at the Rally Dakar. He is part of the X-Raid team and currently taking part in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 2022. Mitcorp has become a sponsor of his team and provided them with an X2000 unit for car maintenance! And of course, we will be covering this exciting race and keep you updated on the team’s performance!

The Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge

The challenge is one of the world’s most prestigious international cross country rallies. It is a five-day motorsports event staged entirely across the Abu Dhabi emirate and notorious for going through the rough, unforgiving desert with extreme driving conditions challenging even the most experienced racers.

Race Updates

For Stephan and his team, the race so far has been challenging. A broken clutch at Kilometer 68.7 required extensive repairs (Remember that the failure to reach the end of one stage means ending the race). The repairs lasted the entire day; unable to continue, the team decided to regroup at the Bivouac and leave the car in the desert for the night. Deep at night, a helicopter came to get everyone back to the camp. Luckily, they could recover and repair their car in the early hours of the next day. They managed to start again on Stage 3 with a time penalty standing strong in the 10th position overall.

Unfortunately, however, the race for Stephan and his team came to an abrupt end. After facing an engine failure, the team tried its absolute best to repair or replace the engine but was ultimately unable to continue onwards. That comes to show how much of a challenge this race really is and that even the best drivers sometimes need a bit of good luck.

Nonetheless, the race was an amazing adventure and a display of great team spirit and dedication. We at Mitcorp are proud to be part of the journey and can’t wait to see what future achievements await Stephan and his team! We wish you all the best!

Racing through the desert

The helicopter came to pick up the team and the car had to stay in the desert for the night.
Despite all the challenges, the team stays happy and optimistic!
Repairs back the bivouac.

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