Inspecting fitness equipment with Mitcorp’s X2000

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Fitness plays a big role in many people’s lives. Many of us enjoy going to the gym, working out outside, or doing exercises at home. Most of the time, we need proper equipment for our workouts.

But what if the equipment breaks down or stops functioning? Fitness machinery is complex, and finding the root cause can be difficult.

Rexon, one of Taiwan’s largest fitness equipment manufacturers, uses Mitcorp’s X2000 high-end videoscope for equipment inspection and maintenance to adhere to its high quality and efficiency standards. That helps them save the time and cost of disassembling and reassembling the many casings and parts.

Anything from abnormal noise to damaged internal parts can affect the user’s experience and overall efficiency of the equipment. If, for example, the resistor of a treadmill is loose, it could greatly affect the power adjustment of the machine. Any deformation or cracks could also produce distracting noises, seriously affecting the user and the overall experience when working out.

Proper quality assurance and maintenance are important in almost any industry and can have a great impact on cost- and time efficiency. Videoscopes can help improve and streamline these processes. Learn more about potential use cases here, or click here for more information about our products!

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