Insight Software: Generate helpful reports in just a few easy steps!

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Extensive reporting is necessary for many industries to fulfill regulatory requirements and the reason why many engineers spend countless hours in the office sorting through photos and writing long reports. Mitcorp’s new Insight software improves your reporting by creating an integrated workflow between the site and the office. 

Our new software has two primary purposes:

To generate comprehensive reports effectively and effortlessly
To provide a better overview of large projects through an interactive map

Why should you use software like Insight?

Without an integrated software tool, users often resort to basic image viewers and tools like Microsoft Word or -Excel. These tools are helpful for many tasks; however, they only offer limited functions for effective report generation. Because of that, users often fall into a repeating loop of opening folders, searching single images, and copy-pasting them into their reports before adding a comment in word or excel.

Producing reports this way is very time-intensive and exhausting because large amounts of image folders need checking. That is especially true for larger projects. It is also ineffective, as the chance of not finding the best image for the report is very high without software that provides a good overview.

How to improve your inspection workflow with Insight

As mentioned earlier, Insight has two main functions: report generation & GPS mapping. Report generation is very uncomplicated and only requires a few steps from start to finish.

1. Copy recorded image folders from your X750 videoscope’s SD card to your computer

Insight provides its users with the option to create project-based folders and storage locations. The software’s project and image managers will show all projects and images in a convenient overview window. There is no more need to open folders in different locations and copy-pasting images.



2. Select project- and report image files from the copied image folders

Users can also add more than one project source folder. That is important when they, for example, use different diameter insertion probes and store images in corresponding folders. With Insight, you can add images from multiple folders to the report image files. That is useful for complex applications or when comparing new and old reports.



3. Review the images and decide which photos to include in the report

Now it is time to select the final images for the report and highlight critical findings. Insight will automatically move the selected photos into the report image folder. Users can also easily enlarge the pictures to take a closer look.




4. If needed, use the editing tool to add comments to selected images.

While reviewing the images, you might want to highlight photos or add comments and annotations. For that, Insight provides its users with a handy tool that is easy to use. By clicking & dragging, you can move all objects and texts to the desired spot.





5. Generate the report. 

First, choose a layout for the report. Then fill out the pre-formatted forms for the header & footer and click on “generate the report.” The process takes less than 5 minutes and doesn’t require formatting reports.





GPS mapping is made easy through our Insight software!

When you use the X750 for an outdoor inspection, such as a steel rail inspection, GPS mapping can be advantageous, as it allows you to conveniently locate already inspected areas, see the images you took, and read the comments you wrote. All in one spot and by one click. 

To map the GPS photos, all you need to do is:

Start the map function after creating a new project.
All report image files with a GPS mark will appear as pins on Insight’s interactive map. 
You can click on each pin to see more details, such as comments and annotations. 


No matter how large the project, Insight will provide you with the necessary overview and assist your process from the site to the office! 

Would you like to know more about our Insight software? Then take a look at the video below where our marketing specialist Rick explains the ins and outs of Insight. You can also just contact us directly, we will be happy to assist you!

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